Happy mothers day poems to my girlfriend

Happy mothers day poems to my girlfriend will be a coolest idea of impressing the girlfriend along with her mother. It would be a two way plan in a single shot. A double bonus, So you must try or in fact you seriously should go for happy mothers day poems to my girlfriend on this 13th of May. Checkout the latest happy mothers day thank you poems which are having a secret to impress mom.mother’s day poems for girlfriend

This is the day which comes in the month of May. In many other countries this day is celebrated on different days also. In February there is valentines day, the day for your girlfriend, and after few months its mothers day. Just imagine if your use happy mothers day poems to my girlfriend then your girlfriend will feel really special and respected. As you are giving respect and love to her mother also. You can also use happy mothers day thank you notes for cards to impress you girlfriend. So these trendy happy mothers day poems to my girlfriend are going to do it all for you this May.

# happy mothers day poems to my girlfriend –

I know it’s been a hard task

the things we ask of you.

You should know you’re very special

for all the things you do.


I’m thankful for a wife like you,

no one could take your place.

A heart like yours for those in need

is a thing one can’t replace.


So thanks again for being there

and for all the things you do,

no man could be so lucky

to have a love like you!


Happy Mother’s Day!


Let my eyes be massaged by your beauty,

Let my heart be warmed by your smile.

Let my ears always hear that you love me,

Let my lips kiss yours for a while.


Let my arms hold you close when you’re sad,

Let my hugs make you warm when you’re cold.

Let my love last as long as forever,

That way we will never grow old.


Let me promise you’ll never be lonely,

Let me promise to always be true,

Please let me by happy for the rest of my life,

When I ask you, Please say, “I do”.

Dedicated to Karen Faust.


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poems to wish my girlfriend happy mothers dayhappy mothers day poems for my girlfriend

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