mother’s day card poems for kids inspiring innovation

Activity for preschooler kids are now in trend in schools to inspiring creativity. That’s why we brought mother’s day card poems for kids inspiring innovations. Following today’s technology kids have creative minds that find new roads in every way. This mother’s day celebration use mother’s day card poems for kids. It became necessary for parents to coupe with kids in every activity and they love to work together. These mother’s day card poems for kids will be loved by kids and their parents. Being kid may it would be difficult to write about mother’s day, but you can help them by John Bratton mother’s day card poems for kids. So choose from mother’s day card poems for kids as you wish.

happy Mothers Day

mother’s day card poems for kids


This is a Happy Mother’s Day card,

with lots of love by me

It’s to a Very Important Parent


…and you are she


This Mother’s Day greeting comes to one

Who has given me love and care

A mother, the best mother, my mother

A mother beyond compare

Have a lovely day (Mum)(Mom)


A Mother Adored

Taken for granted

By baby, but adored

Disdained by teenager

Who considers her flawed

By courting (son)(daughter)

Largely ignored

Then, when grandchild is born

Help from her is implored

She lives all her life

Never seeking reward

Some love gets returned

But somewhat see-sawed

Then death comes along

And on the (crem)(parlor) floor

Expressed in flowers

The “adore” is restored

What a pity it’s not seen A bit more in between!

Mum, this Mother’s Day card

Comes to your door

In an inadequate attempt

To “restore the adore”


Thousands of stars in the night sky,

And shells on the shore together,

Hundreds of birds that go singing by,

Especially in sunny weather.

Millions of dewdrops to greet the dawn,

Thousands of leaves in the fall,

Hundreds of butterflies on the lawn,

But only one mother, that’s all.

Happy Mother’s Day


There shouldn’t need to be a special day

To thank a Mother for all she’s done

From the moment of her child’s conception

Until the setting of her sun

(Mum)(Mom) you’ve always been there for me,

and in every which way

So just know I love and appreciate you

More than words can say

With love and heartfelt thanks on Mother’s Day


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