Poems for facebook on mothers day, fb mom day

Poems for facebook on mothers day are really must to have. These days in a century of social media we just can’t miss this special day to be celebrated socially. And the best way to celebrate these socially is use of poems for facebook on mothers day, that could be published as a status and could be shared with all our friends. Having girlfriend then must have happy mothers day poems to my girlfriend to impress her.facebook status poems for mothers day

You must have observed your friends sharing most of the posts on mothers day. What is you use this poems for facebook on mothers day as your status and share it on your social profile. Anyway now without wasting much time let us now have a look on these poems. Also checkout some happy mothers day thank you poems which are must for ever child to know this year.

# Fb Stauts Poems for facebook on mothers day –

Dear mom,

You mean everything to me. I love you so much. You’re beautiful. Anyone who says different are wrong. If you weren’t here today everything would be horrible . I love you mom.


Our mothers are the best,even through the worst.


My mom is really great;She’s sweet as she can be;When I need some help, I knowShe’s always there for me.Mom loves me all the time,Even when I’m a pest;She always takes good care of me;My mother is the best.


Mommy, I know you love meBy the way you show you care.You hug me and talk to me softly;When I need you, you’re always there.Mommy, I’ll love you alwaysFrom my heart, I want to sayI’m so glad you are my mommy;Happy Mother’s Day!


I’m happy you’re my mom,‘Cause you take good care of me.You love me and you show it,So I’m as happy as can be!I love you very much,And so I want to say,Thank you for all you do,And Happy Mother’s Day!

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mothers day poem for fbMothers day poems for facebookpoems for fb on mothers daypoems for mothers day on facebook

These were some of the poems for facebook on mothers day, if you liked these then do share it with your friends.

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