Poems to write in Mothers day cards: Trend need poem

Anna Jarvis has brought the trend of mother’s day celebration. She made the word realize what mothers mean to everyone. Poems to write in Mothers day cards are special messages dedicated to mother’s day and their motherhood. Getting more and more enjoyment with these messages on happy mother’s day occasion. World celebrate the occasion on second Sunday of MAY every year, however due to diverse culture throughout the world people celebrate the day on different days and month. Poems to write in Mothers day cards signifies the true value of mother in our life.

Happy Mother's Day

Poems to write in Mothers day cards

Mommy Don’t Go

Fields of love,

rain drops of joy.

You hear friends saying,

you’re mommys little boy.

Mommy can you play,

mommy will you stay.

Walk a little straighter mommy,

because you’re leading me this way.

Mommy please don’t leave,

it’s not your turn to go.

I’m sitting in this waiting chair,

praying your blood will flow.

Please don’t leave,

I need you here.

So my life,

can be perfectly clear.

Pull through this,

I know that you can.

Come on mommy,

it’s mommys little man.

Mommy can you hear me?

please say you do.

Come on mommy,

I know you’ll pull through.

I love you mommy,

nothing is going to change.

Mommy please try,

so my life can stay the same.

Please try, please try!

It’s not your turn,

you can not die.

Mommy I love you,

I know you love me too.

That is why you’ve got to make it,

please make it through.

I’ve said enough,

I know that you can do it.

Please stay with me,

I know you’ll pull through it.


I Love You Mommy!


Forgiveness Poems to write in Mothers day cards


Forgive Me Mother

The time will come to join you,

The moment of reconciliation is near,

I cannot bear your absence any more,

When will my time be here?


You cannot take me,

Even though I am ready to come,

I’m so guilty and remorseful,

Waiting to join you is tiresome.


I want to vanish from my hopeless dreams,

It’s time to the end of my forlorn illusions;

I know suicide forbidden,

Every day I live I am sadden.


I am here but not there,

I loved you yet I troubled you,

You were always there for me,

Full of compassion and love so true!


The time will come to reach you

Mother beloved be patience and wait,

I will come as soon as I can,

Hoping you’ll be there by death’s gate.